Untitled (at the Whitney)

99 Gansevoort Street
New York, NY 10014

Sommelier Eduardo Porto-Carreiro

Why do you love Burgundy?

I have finally accepted that Burgundy will never cease to astound me...  How did something like this ever come from grapes?!  There is no better perfume in the world than that of a perfect example of mature red Burgundy.  And the texture... it's beyond words to describe. Drinking Burgundy is much more an emotional experience than an intellectual one.  At it's best, Burgundy keeps me guessing -- that is what I love most about the region.

What is your favorite Burgundy Pairing?

Fleurie and duck rillettes.

How are you celebrating La Paulée Burgundy Week?

We will offer delicious under-the-radar selections from Burgundy which are traditionally never served by-the-glass.