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Jeremy Noye

Why do you love Burgundy?

Just when you think you've gotten your hands and mind wrapped around it all, you uncover a new piece of information that takes you further down the rabbit hole.  An estate you've never heard of, now is the talk of the town.  Or the next generation of a property takes over and everything resets for good or bad.  Or a property sells or buys vines changing their range.  Crazy weather patterns occur, laws within the region change; or... . You get the picture.  There is always something to study and talk about when it comes to Burgundy.

What is your favorite Burgundy Pairing?

While Burgundy, white specifically, is my go to pairing for almost anything.  Epoisses and aged Chablis has been a bit of a passion for me the past year.

How are you celebrating La Paulée Burgundy Week?

All in-stock Burgundy is on sale with discounts up to 35% off.